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Fire Prevention Week 2016

Fire Prevention Week is Oct 9-15.

Don't wait, CHECK THE DATE!

Smoke Detectors need replacing every 10 years.

Be sure to check all your alarms, and change the batteries.





Remember you are not allowed to burn within the Town of Gananoque but you are allowed to have an outdoor fireplace and the regulations are listed below.


All outdoor fireplace installations must be inspected and approved by the Gananoque Fire Service (613-382-3334) prior to being used

  • A minimum distance of 5 metres shall be provided from any building, structure, property line or roadway.
  • No appliance shall be located under a tree or any overhead wires.
  • The appliance is placed on a non combustible surface extending beyond the unit to a dimension equal to the height of the unit on any side.
  • Openings in any appliance shall be completely covered at all times by a suitable metal wire mesh with grid openings of not more than 6mm (1/4 inch) in diameter.
  • The appliance cannot be operated earlier than sunrise and must be extinguished by no later than 11pm.
  • Any alteration or modification to the original installation will require the approval of the Fire Department.
  • Use of any appliance that does not comply with the manufacturer's installation instructions and the requirements of the Fire Department may result in charges under Section of the Ontario Fire Code.
  • Complaints received by the Fire Department will result in the property owner being asked extinguish the fire and refrain from using the appliance until an investigation by the Fire Department or other authorities have jurisdiction (e.g. M.O.E., By-law, etc.) has been completed.
  • Approval of Fire Department does not override the requirements addressed in the Environmental Protection Act (Ministry of Environment, telephone 1-800-267-0974)
  • No appliance shall be used when a burn ban or a smog alert has been issued.

Fire Protection:

  • Equipment to extinguish the fire (e.g. a fire extinguisher or suitable size and type, a pail of water or a garden hose) shall be readily available and accessible at all times the appliance is in use.
  • While burning, the appliance shall be under constant supervision until extinguishment.

Instructions and Care:

  • Units having cracks or signs of other physical deterioration shall not be used.


  • Clean dry seasoned wood are to be used as fuel. Treated, stained or painted wood, petroleum products, rubbish, grass, plastics, rubber or any material that may flow out of the containment chamber or cause excessive heat or smoke are not permitted.

While you enjoy your outdoor fireplace, please use it with care and consideration of your neighbours.



Gananoque Fire Information

The S.M.A.R.T Rule

(SMoke Alarm Replacement Time)

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms do not last for ever.


Carbon Monoxide Alarms are now manditory in Ontario Homes. 

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The Town of Gananoque is located about halfway between Toronto and Montreal next to the 401 highway and is known as the Canadian Gateway to the 1000 Islands, with approximately 5,200 citizens. We are proud to serve the citizens and keep them safe. 



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